Saturday, January 17, 2009

Me habíai llamado?

Me habíai llamado? - (Me habíais llamado, Me habías llamado) Did you call me?, literally "Had you called me?"
Chileans do this thing with their verbs...perhaps I'll post more extensively on it in the future.

Christian: Hola, qué tal? Me habíais llamado?
Lucas: Si, vamos a juntar más rato?

Christian: Hello, how's it going? Did you call me?
Lucas: Yeah, are we getting together later?



qñerty said...

Correct spelling is habíai. It's a shortening of habíais still used in Spain, but in the plural: ¡Vosotros me habíais llamado?

Maeskizzle said...

Thanks. I was wondering how to spell that. Not habiyay, but habíai.