Wednesday, April 29, 2009


traer - to bring something from point A to point B. To use traer, the speaker needs to be at point B
llevar - to bring something from point A to point B. To use llevar, the speaker can't be at point B.

The most obvious examples for me:
you're at a party and you call someone to bring ice:

¿Podis traer hielo? Se nos acabó.
Can you bring ice? It ran out.

you're on your way to a party and you call to see what to bring:

¿Qué llevo? Coca-cola? hielo? What should I bring? Coke? Ice?

also I hear people use "lo ando trayendo" and sometimes "lo ando llevando".

María: ¿Tenis el examen del año pasado?
el Tata: si, lo ando trayendo.

María: Do you have the exam?
el Tata: Yes, I have it with me.

General Spanish

*Thanks Clare, for the suggestion.

Monday, April 27, 2009


guákala - yucky! (interjection)

Marco: ¿Quieres una prieta?
María: ¡Guákala! No me tinca comer sangre.

Marco: Do you want a blood sausage?
María: Yucky! I don't feel like eating blood.

Regular Spanish?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dar un examen/tomar un examen

This is opposite in English.

dar un examen - to take a test
tomar un examen - to give a test

El profesor tomó un examen y los alumnos lo dieron.

The profesor gave an exam and the students took it.

Di un examen hoy y me fue como la corneta. ("como la corneta" is vulgar)

I took a test today and it went poorly.

These expressions are also used in Argentina, but not in Mexico or Spain as far as I know.

Monday, April 20, 2009


copete - booze

Anda a comprar un poco de copete mientras espero los invitados.

Go buy some booze while I wait for the guests.


Friday, April 17, 2009


carterear - to rob someone's purse. It comes from "cartera", Chilean for purse.

Me carterearon cerca de la U en Valpo. Rápidamente, se me cortaron el tirante de cuero con un cuchillo; se llevaron la cartera y ya estaban corriendo en la otra dirección cuando me di la vuelta.

They robbed my purse close to my University in Valpo. In a split second, they cut the leather strap with a knife, grabbed the purse and were already running the other direction when I turned around.

chilensis, I believe

not to be confused with "carretear" which means "to party"

and "cartera" (purse) is pretty close to "carretera", but the second one means highway

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


fanshop - a mix of draft beer (shop, chopp, chop, schop, etc.) with fanta soft drink. Yummy.

Jechu: Vamos a Schopdog para un fanshop y unas papas fritas. ¿Te tinca?
Marcela: Ñami, es una buena idea.

Jechu: Let's go to Schopdog for a fanshop and french fries. Do you feel like it?
Marcela: Yummy, it's a good idea.


Monday, April 13, 2009


This is one of my FAVE expressions in Chilensis. It is soooo useful.

pastelear - 1) to lay around and do nothing, 2) mandar puras cagás - to make messes out of everything

Que hiciste este fin de semana? Pastelié con cuática.

What did you do this weekend? I laid around all weekend.

possible etymology: from...

pastel - a dumbass, a pastry. A person who is a pastel totally looses it under pressure, because you squeeze them, like a pastry, and the filling comes out y son cero aporte, zero help with anything. I think pastelear comes from this expression, specifically the part about cero aporte.

Chilensis, I believe.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


pichicatear - endrogarse, to take drugs, enchularse - to pimp yourself up, enchular - to pimp up something like a car or a computer)...However, I've mostly heard pichicatear used in reference to drugs.

Yo cacho que hartos atletas profesionales se pichigatean con esteroides y weas similares.

I think that many professional athletes take steroids and things like that.

near synonym: cuchufletear...What a kick in the pants! Check out these conjugations I've stumbled upon.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


hediondo/a - stinky

La wea hedionda que tenis en tu mochila. Lo huelo a dos metros. Que wea tenis?

The stinky thing you have in your backpack. I can smell it two meters away. What do you have?

Regular Spanish

Friday, April 10, 2009


remolino - cowlick

Last Saturday I learned this word while getting my bi-annual mullet. However, I'm not sure if its Chilensis or not. My hairdresser who is Argentian taught me the word. But my Chilean host mom was there and she seemed to confirm that this is what remolino means. The other meanings of remolino are whirlpool and whirlwind.

Al parecer tengo dos remolinos en la frente, uno en cada lado.

Apparently I have two cowlicks on my forehead, one on each side.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


computín - someone good at using the computer

Sunday, April 5, 2009


un lacho, una lacha - a player, to steal the definition from el diccionario de modismos chilenos: "Dicese al hueón que es más caliente que la chucha"

Ese weón es un lacho.

That dude's a player.

Chilensis, I believe

And a bonus pronounciation lesson: it's pronounced like "latcho". In Spanish, the vowel sounds are generally shorter than in English. For example, the "ah" sound of the "a" in lacho, is closer to the "o" sound in pot than the "o" sound in pod. The "t" after the vowel has speakers of American English shorten the vowel sound a bit and sound a little more like the natives. (/lot-cho//lot-chah/)

Friday, April 3, 2009

cultura chupística

A post on cultura chupística (drinking culture) in Chile is absolutely necessarily as this facet of culture is quite developed in Chile.

Estar entonado - To have a buzz
Andar arriba de la pelota - to be drunk
Estar dado vuelta - to be really drunk, to be fucked up

la mamadera - this literally means a baby's bottle, but it is also used to designate a bottle of say coca-cola, with the rum added directly to it for partying generally in route to your destination, like say, in the micro, or walking. It's also popular for partying in the beach or public plazas, etc. It is like a baby's bottle because the liquid that it contains may put one to sleep with the bottle in hand.

Chilensis, I believe

Thursday, April 2, 2009


balón - ball, soccer ball

El balón se pegó el palo y salío. No fue gol.

The soccer ball hit the post and rebounded out. It wasn't a gol.

Normal Spanish