Sunday, December 12, 2010

¿Ladronde lo sacaste?

Joaquin: ¿Ladronde lo sacaste?

Benja: En el mall. Me salió milochorié. jejeje.

En vez de "a donde lo compraste?", that is "Where did you buy it?"
"Ladrón" means thief, so it's a play on words, the person asking the question is jokingly accusing the other person of stealing something. "Thief, where did you get it?" but it sounds like "Where did you buy it?"

The response is "milochorié". It sounds like "me lo chorié", which in colloquial Chilensis means, "I stole it." However, it also sounds like the person is saying "mil ocho diez" (1.810), which is about 4 dollars. hehehehe