Friday, February 27, 2009

mandar cabezazos

mandar cabezazos - to nod off.

Lleva doce horas carreteando. De más que está mandando cabezazos.

He's been partying for twelve hours. Of course he's nodding off.


Thursday, February 26, 2009


peto - a mini tube top, like this, but a bit more stylish yes.

Venden petos en Patronato.

They sell mini tube tops in Patronato.

Hay olor a bosque.

Reap the benefits of me being married to a gentlemanly Chilean who teaches me these kinds of things. Well, and the third joke I collected from a fellow capoeirista. Here are a few Chilean jokes for your reading pleasure.

Pepe: Hay olor a bosque.
Lucas: ¿A bosque?
Pepe: A vos, que ¡te cagaste!

This one will need to be explained, it's a sort of pun.
Pepe: It smells like forest. (bosque)
Lucas: forest? (bosque)
...Vos que (pronounced the same as "bosque" and means "you who" or "you that")
Pepe: Vos que... You who shat yourself.

Lucas: Hay olor a rodillas.
Pepe: ¿A rodillas?
Lucas: Entre pata y poto.

Lucas: It smells like knees.
Pepe: Like knees?
Lucas: (A mix) between feet and ass.

Lucas: Hay olor a pan tostado. (accompanied with a stinky fart)

Lucas: It smells like toast. (what you say when you let one rip and someone else smells it)