Saturday, May 1, 2010


hehehehehehhehehe. I think this is only my favorite chilensis word ever!!!!

piri-longhi: gallo, loco, dude

It seems it is used commonly like this in an aggressive tone:

¿Quí ti pa, piri-longhi?

What's with you, man?

I'm under the impression that "piri-longhi" is flaite and perhaps COA as well.

"Piri" is just a great addition in general. My own uses, that aren't part of the Chilensis institution, are: piri-washi, piri-gil, piri-insert name of friend here, etc. Perhaps it's used in a way similar to the suffix "-age" in English. "Cleavage" and also made up words, of which I have no examples at the moment.