Tuesday, November 24, 2009

porotos desgranados

porotos desgranados - como los porotos granados, pero sin casca. Y con ellos, se puede preparar un plato que se llama porotos granados. ÑAMI!

porotos desgranados - like the porotos granados, but without the pod.

This terminology is known in the market, where you can buy porotos desgranados. I asked a couple Chilean guys the other day if they knew what "porotos desgranados" are, and they both corrected me and asked if I meant "porotos granados". But I was at the market again yesterday, and when I ask for porotos desgranados, the market people all understand me perfectly.

And here's an interesting Chilean cooking blog I've stumbled upon...

Edited Dec 3.


qñerty said...

In normal Chilean speech: porotos granados can be

a) What your first photograph shows: beans with their pods.
b) What some specialized people call porotos desgranados (note the extra "s"). You see them only for a few minutes. They are still raw, after you take the beans out of the pod and before you put them in the pot. Can you actually buy porotos desgranados at the market?
c) A dish, called porotos granados as your second photograph shows.

To me talking about porotos desgranados is similar to saying "frozen cream" instead of "ice cream" because there is actually no ice on ice cream.

Maeskizzle said...

qñerty, sweet. Thanks for the correction. I'll change that. And yes, you can buy porotos desgranados at the vega. In fact, I was looking for them the other day & I asked for "porotos granados" and one guy wanted to give me the ones with a pod. And I asked if he had ones without the pod and he told me "oh, you're looking for 'porotos desgranados'". So it is useful terminology for market-goers ;)