Friday, May 30, 2008

te lo encargo

So I'm getting right down to business. This expression I just learned, and honestly I'm still not sure that I know all the meanings or even that I'm using it exactly right, but here we go.

I think "te lo encargo" loosely means "you should try it"
Te lo encargo is an expression that you use in the following cases:

Puta, el examen me fue como las weas. Te lo encargo.
Fuck, this exam went terribly. You should try it. - Here te lo encargo puts enfasis on how difficult the exam was.

Fui a los baños turcos hoy día y quedé como nueva. Te los encargo.
Today I went to the turkish baths and I feel like new. You should go.

"Te lo encargo" is not a vulgar expression. It's colloquial. I wouldn't use it in formal occasions.

These entries will have five categories of use: vulgar, colloquial, informal, normal, formal.

I'm not sure if this expression is Chilean or not. I don't hear it that often. Mostly my friend Fer uses it so perhaps it's a Ferism. But it's my new fave expression.

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Mamacita Chilena said...

Hmmm, I've rarely heard this expression, but I did know what it meant so I guess it must have been said to me a time or two before.