Friday, May 30, 2008

Test your Chilensis level

This is a music video called "enchufa" created by an Italian residing in Chile who's taken reggaeton to a new level. jejeje. But if you understand him you're doing well with your Chilensis. If not, you'll be struggling a bit trying to understand Chilean slang and swear words. I personally think Chileans speak the most difficult Spanish in the world, and several friends who are also native English speakers have said the same. Chilean Spanish (or Castellano, as they call it here) is difficult because many of them barely articulate syllables, they speak in a monotone, quickly, and often cut off the second half of their words. Here, I think Benni actually is quite easy to understand. Later I'll upload a more difficult video or two. But this is good for starters. A link to the lyrics.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Haha, I've had Mexican friends that come to Chile and can't understand the Chileans at all.

Emita said...

ENCHUFA!!!!! aaaaaajajajaja, i remember when diego first showed me this video. Me caque de la risa....have you talked about the many significados of the word "cagar"? sweet idea, i love the new blog.