Sunday, March 8, 2009


bisagra - gossiper, bisagra literally means hinge

Es una bisagra. Si no está en la puerta, está en la ventana.

Another pun: bisagra means hinge and gossiper.
She's a gossiper (hinge). If she's not at the door, she's in the window.

sinonimos: copuchenta, sapa (toad)-Gossipers have big eyes like toads.

most likely Chilenismos


Anonymous said...

Sapa-- toda, also is a vulgar way of saying vagina. Hence it being related to gossip. Gotta love how machismo and sexism is embedded in the langauge.

Maeskizzle said...

I didn't know that. Interesting. Thanks!

Although I do find the men here to be much better gossipers than men from the States. So that must mean the women are HUGE gossipers...which some are. But while Chilean men gossip a lot, they are also much more social! So I think it comes with the territory.

Yeah I probably need a post with words for the vagina and another with words for the penis.

qñerty said...

Claresays: of course you meant "toad". The vagina is el sapo not la sapa. When you think of a beaver in the genital sense it doesn't matter what sex it is. In Spanish it's similar. It's very vulgar. I was going to quote from Google but all I got uncopypasteable for my taste. Just search "teni el sapo" and you'll get a couple dozen insults.

Maeskizzle: I think bisagra means a person who is always bending. Someone who is double faced. They tell their boss whatever they heard, not because they are gossipers but because they want their boss to be happy with them, even if this alienates their coworkers.

Maeskizzle said...

hmmm... thanks qñerty. Wow I just looked sapo and sapa up in the authoratitive dictionary of Chilensis. That was quite an education!!!! hahahaha.