Sunday, March 15, 2009

quedó la escoba

quedó la escoba - It turned into a huge, disorganized mess.
está la escoba - It'a a huge, disorganized mess. (Literally, "It's the broom.")
dejó la escoba - He made a huge, disorganized mess.

etymology: this is good: General Ibañez, Chilean president/dictator from 1927-1931 and 1952-1958 came up with the broom metaphor. His campaign motto was that he was going to "sweep" away the corruption in politics. Apparently, he "swept away" others too, like homosexuals and union workers. Pedro Lemebel's book Tengo Miedo Torero has an especially funny scene where Ibañez is portrayed as a "Loca" sweeping the floor.

llegando a la Plaza Italia en micro, 10 de diciembre, 2006:
Carlos: ¿Qué onda toda esta gente? Está LLENA de gente. ¡Está la escoba! Cuando pasemos por Escuela Militar, estaba colapsada también.
Andrés: ¿Habrá muerto Pinocho?
Carlos: A lo mejor.
Pasajero al lote: Sí, se murió.
Carlos y Andrés: ¡mieeeeeeeerda!

arriving to Plaza Italia on the city bus, December 10, 2006:
Carlos: What's up with all this people? There are people everywhere! It's crazy! When we passed by the Military School, it was totally crazy as well!
Andrés: I wonder if Pinochet died?
Carlos: Probably
random passenger: Yes, he died.
Carlos and Andrés: Holy shit!

The expression is distinctly Chilean.

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