Tuesday, September 16, 2008


pokemon/pokemona - any adolescent in Chile, a Chilean adolescent with an unstraight, poofy haircut who listens to reggaeton and likes to "poncear" - grope, kiss, etc. randoms at parties and in plazas. The male version is somewhat adrogenous, likes to sport eyeliner and "afeminada" clothing

sinonimo - pendejo, pokemono -- since there are pokemonas, there have most definitely got to be pokemonos. jejeje.
antononym - pelolais

Etymology - A while back, maybe a year or so, I saw an article on emol about adolescents "pelolais". Basically this group started as a fotolog thing, where pretty, tall, thin, virgin adolescents with long hair, tried to get their photos put on other people's fotologs of beautiful people. I couldn't believe emol actually had a report on this group with white-supremist undertones. Than came the "ondulais" and "pokemonas" who had dark hair, and were short and voluptuous, listened to reggaeton and ponceaban a lot. They ended up taking the spotlight away from the pelolais and were invited to Buenos Dias a Todos and were/are the news of the moment.

Chilenismo, informal


qñerty said...
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qñerty said...

It's pokemón with stress mark. Of course you pronounce it that way, so it's no big deal. But in Spain the cartoons are called and pronounced Pokémon, so that's why I nitpick.

The article on Wikipedia Pokemón (subculture) has a 2003 reference. Pokemones predate peloláis.

I haven't heard pokemono. To me it's like saying that since there are guatonas, there have got to be guatonos.

Maeskizzle said...

pokemono might just be a word my hubby and I use to refer to male pokemones or pokemones (pokemonos) in general. But we really like that it ends in "mono", monkey. hehehehe. I guess we feel like we are talking about adolescent monkeys then. hehehe