Tuesday, April 14, 2009


fanshop - a mix of draft beer (shop, chopp, chop, schop, etc.) with fanta soft drink. Yummy.

Jechu: Vamos a Schopdog para un fanshop y unas papas fritas. ¿Te tinca?
Marcela: Ñami, es una buena idea.

Jechu: Let's go to Schopdog for a fanshop and french fries. Do you feel like it?
Marcela: Yummy, it's a good idea.



Clare said...

I did learn to drink fanshop in high school in Chile. It really helped at the bad keggers in college. I just always had orange crush in my purse. ;)

Maeskizzle said...

hahahahahhaha. That's hilarious. Unfortunately I wasn't introduced to fanshop in high school here :( I missed out!! What a great introduction to drinking beer! hahahahaha