Sunday, April 5, 2009


un lacho, una lacha - a player, to steal the definition from el diccionario de modismos chilenos: "Dicese al hueón que es más caliente que la chucha"

Ese weón es un lacho.

That dude's a player.

Chilensis, I believe

And a bonus pronounciation lesson: it's pronounced like "latcho". In Spanish, the vowel sounds are generally shorter than in English. For example, the "ah" sound of the "a" in lacho, is closer to the "o" sound in pot than the "o" sound in pod. The "t" after the vowel has speakers of American English shorten the vowel sound a bit and sound a little more like the natives. (/lot-cho//lot-chah/)


qñerty said...

Someone más caliente que la chucha could be not only a lacho but also a masturbator. Lacho means the same as enamoradizo a word with no English equivalent defined by Collins as "who easily falls in love".

Maeskizzle said...

Oh! Great synonym. Enamoradizo. I've never heard it used. I'll have to start using it porque mi vocabulario de siempre ya me tiene un poco aburrida.