Friday, July 25, 2008

caer bien

caer bien - to like someone.

This is one of those constructions that's still uncomfortable to use and I still have problems with, especially talking in the third person. I went through the same thing with gustarse until I heard Manu Chao's song, "me gustas tú". He really helped clear up my doubts.

So here's a stab at understanding/manejando this construction better.

Me caigo bien – I like myself and literally: To me I fall well
Me caes bien – I like you. To me you fall well

Te caigo bien – You like me. To you I fall well
Me cae bien Rodrigo – I like Rodrigo. To me Rodrigo falls well
A Rodrigo le caigo bien – Rodrigo likes me. To Rodrigo I fall well
No me cae bien – I don’t like him. To me (s)he doesn't fall well
No le caigo bien – He doesn’t like me. To him/her I don't fall well
Me caen bien – I like them. To me they fall well
Les caigo bien – They like me. To them I fall well
Me cae bien – I like him/her. To me (s)he falls well
Le caigo bien – She/he likes me. To him/her I fall well
Ellos se caen bien – They like each other. To them they fall well

A nadie le cae mal – No one dislikes her. (es muy simpática) To no one she falls badly.

I did the same thing with gustarse.
Me gusta la Coruña. Coruña pleases me.
Me gustan las aviones. The planes please me. etc.
Me gustas tú. You please me. (in a romantic way)

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