Wednesday, July 2, 2008


1) viene de la palabra zopilote (vulture). It's a dude who behaves a bit like a vulture. He circles and circles the chics he likes, dejandolas chata de este weón pavo, who's not brave or smart enough to accept rejection. He's totally annoying and this type of guy is best to be avoided. En Venezuela, este personaje se llama "zamura" - sinónimo de vulture.
2) a guy who throws flirtatious/sexual comments at women
3) anyone who's annoying, weon jugoso
4) un combinado de vino y coca-cola. En Galicia este trago se llama calimocha.

jotear - the action the a jote takes.
Este weón lleva toda la noche joteandome. No estoy ni allí, me tiene enferma.
This dude has been bothering me all night. I'm not interested, I'm sick of him.

Chilenismo, coloquial

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qñerty said...

Once I made the mistake to say that a jote is a guy who flirts with women. I was told I was a male chauvinist and heterosexist. A jote is a person who flirts with other persons. A gay man may jotear other men and females certainly jotear males.

Examples: Only girls belong to this Facebook group: yo tambien me jotie a petelo jugando basket en el gimnacio i.e. yo también me joteé a Petelo jugando básketbol en el gimnasio.

This is by a man in a gay forum: Los tres wnes, obviamente, no tenían idea de mi existencia y que yo me los joteaba. (bastante sicópata,no?)