Tuesday, July 8, 2008

la cagó

la cagó - basically means "Holy shit", but without the sacredness. It literally means, "It was shat." That's funny.

¿Qué tal el filete?
La cagó; hace tiempo que no como carne tan rica.

How's the steak?
Holy shit; it's been a while since I've eaten meat this tasty.

Here are a few other uses of the multi-faceted verb "cagar".

la cagaste - You fucked it up. "La cagaste" can also mean "Wow. You did something awesome" depending on the tone of the speaker.

Se las caga - He fucks up. He's awesome. (Also depends on your tone.)

Se lo cagó en tres tiempos - He really burned him (like when you are making jokes). Or, he beat the shit out of him.

una persona cagada - is a stingy person, also called "mano de guagua"

una persona cagada del mate - is a crazy person

"La cagó" is definitely vulgar. It's probably a Chileanism. I remember in Argentina, they didn't understand me when I used the term. jejeje. Perhaps I'll blog about this episode.

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