Monday, July 7, 2008

Estar más cocido que botón de oro.

"Estaba más cocido que botón de oro." This means "He was REALLY drunk."

Literally it means he was more sewn/drunk than a button made of gold. Another pun. "Cocido" means drunk in Chilensis. But it also means sewn. Now gold buttons are sewn on to jackets very well so they won't be lost. So if someone is "más cocido que botón de oro", that means he's very drunk. I don't think it works to say "she's very drunk", because it would have to be "más cocida que botón de oro", which, gramatically, doesn't work.

Chilenismo? Yo cacho.

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qñerty said...

I've never heard this one, but a woman can be más cocida que botón de oro. You can find it twice on Google.

Another example: más contenta que perro con pulgas. Now let's reverse the genders: más apretado que tapa de submarino.

Of course, sewn is cosido, but it sounds exactly like cocido (except in Spain).