Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No es lo mismo me enteré de algo que me enterré.

No es lo mismo que me enteré de algo que me enterré.
It's not the same to say "I found out about something" as "I buried myself".

Conversing at lunch yesterday, I committed the error of saying "Me enterré de...", to which V. responded "Nopo, te enterraron? Sabes que significa eso?" "Ooops! Sí."

And then I remembered a little song/chant thing I was taught, it went something like this...

A Tito le entierran mañana.
A Tito le entierran hoy.
A ti te van a enterrar.

They bury Tito tomorrow.
They bury Tito today.
They are going to bury you.

enterarse de algo - to find out something or to find out about something
enterrar - to bury (like in a grave)

This is just plain old regular Spanish.


Tobal said...

Esa canción es mas bien una alusión indirecta a tener sexo

Maeskizzle said...

Aah. Muy bien. Típico del humor chileno algo macabro, que mezcla la muerte y el sexo. Gracias por el aporte.

qñerty said...

Enterrar is not only "to bury" but also "to drive into" or "to penetrate with". Te lo enterraron means "someone drove it into you". This explains some sexual implications. However I'm not sure if the song about Tito means Tito is dead or he is gay.

Raul said...

Just to clarify this...

This song actually says

A TiTE lo entierran hoy
A TiTE lo entierran mañana
A TiTE lo entierran toda la semana...

It cleary has a sexual content...

Maeskizzle said...

hahahaha. I think Tito's gay! haha