Monday, August 25, 2008

soi terzible pollo

Soi terzible pollo. - You are soo naive. Were you born yesterday?
To be un pollo, a chicken, means you are dumb and timid.

Sebastian: Puta, me cagaron con la vuelta.
Andrés: Soi terziblee pollo. Tenis que haberla contado al tiro.

Sebastian: Shit, they screwed me over with the change.
Andrés: You are soo naive. You should have counted it right away.

synonyms: pavo, gil

Coa-I believe, Chilensis, coloquial


po said...

Hello, I have a Chilean friend, maybe I could try some of these phrases with her, I think she will die laughing though!

Maeskizzle said...

Yeah, she'll probably get a kick out of it. I find Chileans here in Chile still are pleasantly surprised when I, (the gringa) use their slang, even though I live here and it's sort of a given I'll talk like them.

qñerty said...

Normally the final "s" in sois is not pronounced and not written. Many people pronounce and spell terrible with an "i" in this context: Soi tirrible 'e pollo. The unpronounced 'e means that the proper sentence is actually: "eres terrible de pollo".

Readers beware that "rz" is just one consonant. If you have heard Mercedes Sosa saying Spanish rr then you know what I mean.