Friday, August 29, 2008


patiperri - (adj) a person who likes to go out (pasear/salir), visit new places (conocer), travel (viajar)

patiperro - a globetrotter. The female version would be "patiperra", but since "perra" means "bitch", I'm not sure if its used much. In doubt, I'd just use the adjective pattiperi.

Es patiperri. No soporta quedarse en la casa, ni con 8 meses de embarazo
She's patiperri. She can't stand staying at home, even eight months pregnant.

Chilenismo, coloquial

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qñerty said...

I've never heard the adjective patiperri. It's patiperro or patiperra. Patiperri is only 10 times in Google, patiperro is 34,200 and patiperra is 15,500.