Wednesday, June 11, 2008

care palo

care palo - adj, short for cara de palo, or stick face, meaning a person who can lie without making an expression on his face that gives him/her away. It means a person is disrespectful, fresh, shameless. Basically un weón care palo, given the opportunity, will screw you over. A jerk or an asshole.

You know how eskimos have like 20 words for snow, because it's an important part of their culture? Well Chileans have a ton of words for care palo because the country's loaded with them: caradura, sinvergüenza, patudo, fresco, vivo, pícaro, atrevido, barsa, roto.

Near synonym: chanta

Ese weón care palo me cagó con la vuelta.
That jerk screwed me over with the change.

Chilenismo, coloquial, informal


Mamacita Chilena said...

My husband always uses cara de raja :)

Maeskizzle said...

haha, that's a good one too. useful.

qñerty said...

This "20 words for carepalo" thing made me laugh out loud.

By the way, the Royal Academy has carepalo in its dictionary's pages and spells it as one word. Another sentence that is accepted as one word is patiperro, originally pata de perro (someone who travels a lot). Of course, many people spell cara de raja as carerraja.