Saturday, June 21, 2008

peor es mascar lauchas

peor es mascar lauchas - this literally means: "but chewing mice is worse". hahaha. Now that sounds funny. It actually means "it could be worse".

moi: "Pucha ahora que empezé a hacer clases de inglés me está costando hablar en español. No domino ninguno de los idiomas."
Christopher: "Pero peor es mascar lauchas."
moi: Queeeeé???

me: "Now that I'm teaching English, I'm having a hard time speaking in Spanish. I'm not good at either language."
Christopher: "But chewing mice is worse." (jejeje)
me: What???

-Aprendí esta expresión anoche. Mi amigo el Christopher ocupa todo una galaxia de expresiones interesantes.

Chilenismo?, coloquial? podría cacho


qñerty said...

Laucha is mouse, not rat. You may have noted that we Chileans don't know the difference between rata and ratón or even "rat" and "mouse". What we do know is the difference between laucha (small, shy rodent) and guarén (big, aggresive rodent, i.e. rat).

Maeskizzle said...

Okay, thanks