Sunday, June 1, 2008

no weí

no weí - no kidding, no shit?, really?

When I first heard this expression I thought the Chileans had borrowed our English expression "No way", because they are pretty much synonyms. However, "no weí" came from "no webeas" or "no me hueveas".

"Weon, se acabó el hielo."
"No weí. Mierda...pero Lucho viene en camino, llamale y dile que pase a comprar."

"Dude, we're out of ice."
"No kidding? Shit...but Lucho is on his way, call him and tell him to buy some."

Chilenismo, coloquial


qñerty said...

Normal informal spelling is no weí. More formal is no huevís. If a Spaniard used the verb huevear he would say no hueveéis (in Spain it's plural). Normal Spanish for this sentence is no huevees, not no hueveas. Note that huevear is in Royal Academy's dictionary (it says it means molestar, but they forgot to say it's vulgar).

Wey on the other hand, or as Royal Academy prefers to spell, güey, is a Mexican word, pronounced very differently (just one syllable).

Maeskizzle said...

okay, I changed it from wey to weí. You're right.