Tuesday, June 10, 2008


pituto - person who hooks you up with a good job or gets you into a good school here in Chile. Ithink pituto literally means "enchufe", plug-in, but I'm not sure. Here I came across a more lengthy definition in Spanish. It's similar to "movida", except pituto is someone who solves a larger problem like getting a job or getting into a good University, where as a movida gets you less important things like good inexpensive marijuana, pirated movies, etc.

Here's a song by Sexual democracia about pitutos:

Chilenismo, coloquial/normal

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MBQ said...

A "pituto" is also an informal or temporary job. For example, if you are between jobs and someone hires you for some urgent project (usually, but not always, a small one, few hours or days). It can be from mowing someone's lawn, to designing a website, to taking care of a multinational acquisition.
Or if you are a journalist with XYZ local news media, and for a particular event you are reporting for CNN because they don't have any of their own staff available.
This kind of part-time jobs are often the result of a personal recommendation (again: un pituto).
Thank you for your blog!