Tuesday, June 17, 2008

como las weas

como las weas - shittily, badly

En el examen me fue como las weas.

The exam went shittily. -- ojo Spanish speakers, or non-native English speakers-- I just invented the word shittily. It's generally "shitty", which is an adjetive, but I added an "tily" to make it an adverb. But I like how it sounds.

sinónimos: como el loli, como el forro, como la callampa, como la corneta, como el hoyo -- the first four: loli, callampa, corneta - are all alusions to the penis, forro - refers to the skin around the penis and I think hoyo refers to the butthole and I'm pretty sure las weas are the testicles. So yes, these are vulgar expressions.

Chilenismo, vulgar

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