Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ponerse jugoso/dar jugo

ponerse jugoso - is like when you get drunk and take no social cues and start babbling and perhaps doing really annoying things, you don't have to be drunk for this to happen, but it is quite common among drunks

Cuando ese weón se cura, se pone jugoso. Da lata salir consigo.
When that dude gets drunk, he is so annoying. It's no fun going out with him.

dar jugo - when you make a big deal of something or do waaay more than necessary and then perhaps realize you were wrong. For example the other day some friends were going to drop me off near metro Santa Lucia and all of a sudden I realized we were in Parque Bustamante, heading towards Ñuñoa, and I was like, shit, we're passed where I wanted to get out. So I start babblying "Where are we? Is Santa Lucía a street as well as a metro station? Stop, stop the car. I'll get out here." And then two seconds later I realized we were in Bellas Artes, not Bustamante and that we still weren't at Santa Lucia. So then I said, ah, no, todo bien, estoy puro dando jugo, sory.

Chilenismos, coloquiales


Emita said...

i am so glad you know all these terms. ones like this i hear them all the time but only get the gist of what they're trying to get across. im learning tons from your blog!
way to talk like a chileno ;)
oh, and a question, do you ever think you talk like a chilean man because of vuko's influence? i think i must be really inappropriate for a woman here, not that i give a crap, but it is humorous! or maybe just my main man is uber vulgar with me???

Maeskizzle said...

hahahaha. hilarious the idea that we are influenced by our Chilean men. I don't know. I never thought of it. I grew up with two vulgar-speaking older brothers. They taught me to swear when I was like four years old and then recorded me repeating what they'd taught me: "shit, fuck, damn, alacazam", I still remember...haha. And then they used that tape to blackmail me for like a year. I wonder if they still have it...

I have one Chilean female friend who swears a fair amount...but she's got a brother too. But yeah, we probably are influenced talking with guys. Because I don't think the other chilenas I know swear as much as Vuko or me.

I'm glad this is helping you. It's a kick in the pants to blog about, plus it helps me remember and better my Coa, hehe.