Monday, June 16, 2008


cuático/a - raro, loco, neurótico normalmente con una conotación peyorativa. Strange, bizarre, (with a pejorative connotation) crazy, weird, neurotic.

La mina cuática, llegó al carrete y estaba pelando cable todo el rato de los quicos y los pitucos y que se nació en cuna de oro, y la wea. La mina rayada, me importa callampa el tema.

The crazy chik showed up at the get together and was babbling on the whole time about rich people born in a "golden crib". The chik was crazy, I don't give a shit about that.

Chilenismo, coloquial


Praealtus said...

In my experience cuatico/a means something like neurotic, whiney, loudly complaining, as in a small child who has stubbed his toe, not strange or bizarre.

Maeskizzle said...

Thanks for the contribution. Totally agree that neurotic's a good meaning to add to the definition, so I did. The whiny, complaining child...would he be "cuático" because he's annoying? I'm wondering if "annoying" is another good meaning to add... not sure though. I do think that "cuático" can mean strange (with a pejorative connotation). I'm not sure about bizarre...I'll have to observe cuático's use some more.

Isabel said...

I am working on a translation and searched for abastero and was so happy to see it led me to your blog.

Ok, I've noticed that the meaning of cuatico has changed among 20-something upper-class Chileans. They use it to mean awesome. For example, "las hamburguesas de Mr. Jack's son cuaticas - me encantan". Ever heard it used in that context? All the young people in my office use it in that context.

Maeskizzle said...

No never, but I like that meaning. Speaking of the upper class and their use of words, you remember Martin? We were talking about the word "awkward" one day, and he and his friends use "tóxico" in a similar way, to describe really uncomfortable, undesirable social situations. But he said it was just something his group used, not a generalized use of the word.
Saludos chiquilla!