Tuesday, June 24, 2008

se me echó la yegua

se me echó la yegua - cuando no das para más, for example when you have plans to go out at night and at some point you realize that you are actually pretty tired and not to up to it, you say "se me echó la yegua" which more or less means, "my mare died". jajaja. That's funny. Languages are such a kick in the pants.

Maca: Vamos al Pagano?
Vero: Puusha, tenía hartas ganas, pero se me echó la yegua.
Maca: Pero siempre se te echa la yegua.

Maca: Do you want to go to Pagano?
Vero: Bummer, I really wanted to go, but I'm feeling a bit worn down.
Maca: But your mare always dies. (jejeje)

Chilenismo, Coloquial, ...me queda la duda si la expresión es vulgar...possibly a vulgar expression

oooh. a possible amendment. According to my favorite Chilean dictionary of chilenismos, echar la yegua
means that you quedaste dormido raja. you fell into a dead sleep...I'll consult with another source for this...and get back to you.


Florencia said...

Actually, "se me echó la yegua" should be understood as "my mare has decided to lie down". In the old days the mare would have been your means of transportation, and once it lied down, there was no getting her up again, so you couldn't go where you were supposed to.
I laughed a lot.

Maeskizzle said...

Thanks for the explanation. What a fun expression.